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Changing Perspective

When I was a child I trusted and respected Government. When I was a teen I began to have questions and concerns about Government. When I became an adult I wanted a more limited Government. Now I realize that I … Continue reading

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LA Times Upset by Correspondents Dinner

The liberal stalwart Los Angeles Times went to the mat outraged by shots taken at their Icons: Host Jimmy Kimmel joked that Current TV failure and toxic TV liberal host Keith Olbermann had “more pink slips than Marcus Bachmann,” prompting … Continue reading

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Civility – Part 2,418

On the way to work this morning the radio guy was talking about Dick Clark’s passing yesterday and listing off some of Clark’s many accomplishments and awards. I don’t know about you, but hearing of the passing of the World’s … Continue reading

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Remembering Andrew

The following is the Complete Transcript of Andrew Breitbart’s Speech at CPAC 2012 (emphasis mine): [Added:] Video at Youtube I’m looking for you, you Occupy Freaks with your glitter bombs. Bring it on! Bring on the glitter. Everything has changed. … Continue reading

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The Narrative

Last week a friend posted a link to a February 29th article at addictinginfo.org. This is how article author Michael Hayne, a comedian and political columnist, introduces his piece: “Not a day goes by in this topsy-turvy, mad max eschatology … Continue reading

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